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How To Build A Goose Blind

A goose blind is one of the most important pieces in your hunting equipment so take this subject seriously if you want to improve your efficiency. You have to remain unseen so the use of camo material is a must. If there is sufficient bush in the field at a separation of a ploughed field and a corn field for example, it may not be necessary to build a blind.
If you do want to construct a blind, a very simple model can be made with a few 1/2 or 3/4 inch EMT bars which come at an affordable price and are also light and easy to carry around.

They come in a grey color so it is advisable to paint them camo or at least green or yellow in order to remain undetected. Usually, these bars come in a 10 foot length so you must cut them to your desired length, but cut a minimum of 8 feet.

If you don't mind carrying around 10 foot bars, they are very efficient as well, as you can spread the base of your blind further and also blend it easier with the leveled terrain.

Another thing you could do is cut a bar into 2 equal pieces of 5 feet; with the connecting fittings join the EMT bars and tie them together - you will be able to carry them easily if you have to walk respectable distances in order to install the blind.

The EMT bars must be fasten together using rubber bands (plastic electrical tape or old tire tubes can also be used).

The frame must be covered with camo material which blends with the environment or if you prefer, use tied bush with a width of approximately 4 feet to get a more realistic look.

If you will place the blind on a flat surface, make sure that the thin wall frame is as flat as possible.

Homemade Goose Blind Video