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Geese Facts

For this article we have gathered a list of geese facts which we will be divided according to the specific type of the bird.
Canadian goose facts
- The Canadian geese spends half of the day feeding in order to take in the necessary nutrition.

- Before the spring and fall migrations, they will eat even more than that so that they can build up the necessary fat reserves for their long trips.

- Scientists say that the birds communicate with one another by using more than 13 distinct calls.
Other Canadian goose facts that are worth mentioning include:

- They migrate south and they are capable of travelling up to 1,000 km in one single day.

- The birds are considered to be one of the most talkative animals after us, the humans. The baby geese begins "talking" to its parents while still in the egg.

- During the nesting & incubation period, the male goose stays in the near vicinity of the nest, keeping a close eye on the eggs and the female and in case of danger, they will try to lure the predator away.

Other interesting general goose facts:

- They fly in a "V" shape as this way they have a 71% better flying range and when one of them gets tired, another bird takes its place.

- During mating, the birds stay monogamous for their entire life by producing families together each year.

- They are known to have a strong instinct to return to their "homes" and can even travel up to 3,000 miles for this reason.

- The giant Canada goose became extinct in the 20th century, but has been reintroduced to the local landscape.

- In some cases, they will not build a new nest as they prefer using the ones built a year earlier by a hawk, owl, heron or osprey.

- During incubation, the adult molt and they are not able to fly anymore.

And here are some interesting Egyptian goose facts:

- We still don't know the lifespan of this type of goose in the wild, but one specimen from the Woodland Park Zoo lived 14 years.

- They were considered sacred by the Ancient Egyptians and for this reason you will see them a lot in their artwork.

- They nest in a wide array of situations, preferring the holes in the mature trees in the parkland where the female builds a nest and both parents incubate the eggs. Usually, they pair for life.

In the end, we have gathered several interesting African geese facts:

- They are known to be a nomadic species, capable moving from one location to another, especially when it rains outside. They will also take trips when the food and water resources are no longer available.

- Despite their name, they are not originated from Africa, but from SE China.

- The record for the heaviest African goose is 26 lbs. while some varieties reach only 16-20 lbs.