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Learn How To Clean A Goose

Although the goose is not one of the most popular birds when it comes down to serving it for dinner, you should know that it has a very succulent meat and a delicate flavoring that can be an asset to just about any recipe that you can think of, despite the fact that it is usually cooked for celebratory events and holidays. If you are a hunter or a cook, you definitely must know how to clean a goose before preparing it for dinner.

First of all, the goose cleaning process starts with plucking the bird and it will be the most time consuming and most difficult step that you will have to accomplish. You must take a firm hold of the bird by its feet, grabbing several of its feathers. Next, you must pull down these feathers - be careful to do it in the direction of the growth.

Avoid scratching the meat or tearing up the skin with a backward motion. In most situations, after you will finish this step, there will be a few small and pointy feathers on the bird's flesh, known as pinion feathers. You will remove them later on so avoid using tweezers in order to get rid of them.

The next step would be to fill a large stock pot with cool and clean water and set it to boil. While you are waiting for the water to reach the desired temperature, take a sharp deboning knife and cut the bird's head and neck. You will have to set its neck aside if you want to use it later on. After the water has boiled, take the bird by its feet and dip it in that water for approximately one minute. By doing so, you will scald the bird for pinion feather removal. By using a very sharp knife, you will now have to remove those remaining feathers.

Time has come to gut the goose by starting with the gizzard which you will have to split and scrape, removing the gall from the bird's liver.

If you do not have experience in knowing how to clean a goose, you should know that you will have to lay it down with its breast upside up and feet nearest to you so that it will be easier for you to control the incisions you will be making.

Now, find the wishbone area of the bird's breasts and by using a deboning knife, insert the end of its blade about 1/8 inch in the skin, but be careful not to penetrate the meat.

After you have sliced from the neck to the drumstick, you must peel back the bird's skin on both of its sides. Remove the entrails, innards, organs and buckshot.

Your last step will be to clean the bird's cavity after you have finished emptying it. Take some warm water and clean the goose's cavity by using paper towels or some clean cotton cloth rags. Finally, you can now cook the bird or cut it into smaller parts in order to freeze them.

Goose Cleaning Video