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Goose Hunting Techniques

When you go goose hunting, there are a couple of things you should take into account in order to improve your goose hunting methods. Make sure you cover every method.

Spread out your decoys – The purpose of the decoys, as you might know, is to attract the birds. Noticing one bird of their own will make them curious and they will all come and check it out. There are hunters who put all their decoys one on top of the other and the birds hover, but they can’t find a place to land. Spreading you decoys will be more efficient and you will be able to shoot many geese.

Take various calls with you – It’s important to always be prepared for anything. Therefore, make sure you have two calls with you, the extra one being in case it is a windy day. Having all your calls and tools with you will only be of help to you, as sometimes weather is unpredictable and you have every situation and even overcome it.

Body position – As the golden rule of goose hunting claims that if you see the goose, it sees you, you should avoid looking at the goose and be as still as possible. There should no movement until the shot is called. Wearing masks should be taken into account, as well. Make sure you camo is great and everything is in order. You wouldn’t want to ruin your blind for the slightest move.

Just call – Calling goose does not require a lot of work. Actually, if you keep things simple, the more efficient they will be. As every hunting situation is different, learn how to call softer, but also how to call during a windy day.

When the temperature is low, geese are low – If the temperatures drop below 20 degrees, usually geese tend to lie down a while after touching the ground. This behavior can be beneficial for the hunter, who should have already set decoys so that birds could approach them without any fear.

Goose Hunting Techniques Video