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Goose Taxidermy

Preserving animals, in this case geese, is a delicate job that is usually done by professionals. However, that does not mean that you cannot do it. Make sure you have all the necessary tools before you start the process.

The first thing to do is to get a nice bird and some soapy water. You will use the water in order to separate the feathers along the keel bone, all the way to the vent. The next step is to cut along the keel bone and cut down to the vent.

Your next step would be to cut the connecting tissue and the knee joint. It is recommended that you stuff some paper towel so that the “juices” are kept of the bird. After doing so, you will have to cut the tailbone and after that bend the skin backwards, stopping at the top of the keel bone. At the wing joint, you will have to cut and separate.

Moving on, cut around the bill and separate, skinning back carefully. Next, cut the neck and save for the casting. You will have to remove the meat on the leg and then cut. Stick it in water in order to hydrate and then skin down the bird to the wrist, removing all the meat.

Remove the oil glands and flesh the skin on the wire wheel. Next wash the skin for several times and then soak it. You must hang the skin so that the gas will evaporate and then put borax on the flesh side. Lastly, blow dry the feathers, making sure that you down dry as otherwise the feathers will be matted down.

Goose Taxidermy Video