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The Snow Goose

General info
The Snow goose is a North American medium-sized goose which breeds in the northern part of Canada and in Siberia (also in the northern part). The Snow goose winters in southern U.S.A. This type of goose can be found on the British Isles where they cohabitate with flocks of Greenland White-footed, Brent and Barnacle geese. There is small population of Snow geese in Scotland as well.
Pictures Habitat
The habitat of the Snow goose consists of many regions around North America. They can be found in many parts of the USA, Canada, Mexico and Greenland. The ones living in Siberia migrate during the cold season, when many birds end up in Central America.
This type of geese usually eats plant material which they find in shallow waters or land. Outside their nesting season, they search for food in flocks. In the winter periods, they eat primarily left-over grain which they find in fields. The Snow goose is entirely vegetarian, eating a wide variety of plant species ranging from aquatic plants to grain and grasses. As far as migration is concerned, they migrate in flocks, usually visiting traditional stopover spots in large numbers.
Snow Geese often nest in colonies. Nesting usually begins at the end of May or during the first few days of June, depending on snow conditions. The female selects a nest site and builds by herself the nest on an area of high ground. The parents stay with their young through the entire first winter. The families migrate together, separating only after arriving to the arctic breeding areas.
The most important predators are Artic foxes and Skuaks. The adults are seen as prey by wolves, coyotes, hawks and also humans.
Hunting Tips & Tricks
When hunting snow goose, it is very important to hide all the human tracks. Act as if you weren’t there, thus making sure that the geese aren’t noticing you. Also, if snow covers the ground, wear white or professional camouflage clothing. Set out a minimum of 500 decoys, snow geese are very attracted to them. For more similar tips, check out our Tips & Tricks section.
Interesting Facts
Did you know that the female chooses the nest? It also builds it by itself. Snow Goose was on the point of extinction, but in the last decades hunting was legal again. As a matter of fact, in some regions, hunting is even encouraged in order to reduce the Snow goose populations due to the fact that these birds are destroying nesting habitats.
Of all waterfowl, Snow Goose is probably the loudest. Their main call is made both by males and females and consists of nasal one- syllable honk given anywhere and anytime. However, younger birds have a clearer and higher-pitched voice. Also, families communicate with each other while feeding through guttural notes. Parents have a different way to call their goslings, while the flight call is a continuous series of shrill cries.

Snow Geese Video